Sunday, 21 December 2008

How it all began...

It was in December 2008 that Mr & Mrs Bus (as they would become known) traipsed over to Shepherds Bush for an interesting sounding Christmas party, featuring ‘Saucy’ Santas and ‘Naughty’ Nymphs… well: with a theme like that, you would go, wouldn’t you?
After no small amount, then, of the naughty sauce, they found themselves under a mushroom heater, huddled round a table, having a festive laugh with Arab, Muttley and respective spouses, when the conversation came to the festivals we’ve known and loved.
Given the careers of Mr & Mrs Bus are at festivals, in production and d├ęcor, you might imagine their immediate interest at Muttley’s description of his own appearance at that years Glastonbury…
On a double-decker bus.
In a Jacuzzi.
And when he went on to ask if they wanted to buy it from him, the
opportunity was too much to resist, and the Bubblebus was conceived.
Yep. Even with mum and dad there, it was that kind of party.